GSM & GPS based Projects

Get GSM based projects for electronics and communication research and studies. Browse through our list of innovative GSM module based projects for engineering students, researchers and engineers:

1. Power Meter billing Plus Load Control Using GSM
2. Energy Management System With Programmable Numbers using GSM
2. Home Security using Gsm
3. GSM based Industry Protection System
4. GSM Based Weather Reporting (Temperature/Light/Humidity)
5. GSM Stepper Motor Speed & Direction Controller
6. CNG/LPG Gas Accident Prevention With Gsm Alert
7. GSM Based Door Unlocker system
8. SMS Voting System Project
9. Monthly Electricity Billing Display With Bill SMS Feature
10. SMS Controlled Railway Level Gate Control With Programmable Numbers
11. Automatic Unauthorized Parking Detector With SMS Notification To Owner
12. Fire Plus Hazardous Gas Detection And Instant SMS Alerting System
13. Vehicle Theft Detection/Notification With Remote Engine Locking

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